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Woke up to the amazing news that SC to reconsider,examine 2013 verdict that criminalises homosexuality,Ray of hope for the Indian lgbt 🏳️‍🌈

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Celina is upset with sexuality remarks

Celina is upset with sexuality remarks

Celina Jaitley is upset because a section of the media as well as the film industry have been making snide remarks about her sexuality because she does not have a boyfriend at the moment.

Celina was said to have been dating Tusshar Kapoor a while ago but the actress denied that she was doing so. Tusshar too had questions raised in the media about his sexuality before the Celina link-up.

Tusshar was in fact even linked to designer Manish Malhotra. But then why does Celina Jaitley not have a boyfriend is still the question. She was dating a foreigner a while ago and nothing is being said about her love life after she broke off with him.

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