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Being single in the big world

Being single in the big world

Even though I can say I don’t have to explain my personal life “BUT” being a public personality I feel its my duty at least to let my fans know what I think about “Love” . Love I feel is what makes everything in this world go round, mind you it could be “LOVE” or merely the “ABSENCE OF LOVE” which can change a persons life forever .Being single for most women/girls is a whole lot of moping around n complaining but for me it is living a perfect n complete life till the right person comes along.

I broke up almost 6 years ago from a long n steady relationship Little did I know in last 6 years of trying to get over him n dealing with the immense excruciating pain of loosing the (at that time) most important thing in my life would I find the greatest gift of all … LOVING MYSELF FIRST ! I found love in my work , I found love in my human rights activity,I found a new found closeness to my parents and I found friends whose unconditional love made me a human being I am very proud of . I now sit and think ,had I succumbed to what I interpreted as LOVE I would have never discovered myself and most important .. What it is that I really want in my life !When we love we forget that love is about not only Loving another but also about being loved back equally .
Love is eternal,Love is meant to make us grow,Love is meant to make us safe,Love is meant to heal,Love is meant to inspire us, with it’s power, renew us and to bring us closer to God Still most of us want to “get into” or “Hang onto” what we think is LOVE or what gives us immediate comfort because we are scared of facing ourselves alone ..How can someone else enjoy our company if we ourselves cant spend an evening with us alone ?

Taking a break and being single is a great way to begin the self healing process . It takes time but I realized that we have to take charge of our lives and most of all get over of being in the constant feeling of being UNLOVED .

Sadly many people enter lifelong relationships where love fades away n its nothing but a companionship of conveniences without growing in its inner dimensions.That is something I didn’t want .

I want Love that is real, love that is emotionally quenching , love that is .. well ..LOVE and “HOW” am I ever going to get all that If I am a walking psychologically disturbed emotional time bomb .

It is unfair to dump our insecurities on an unsuspecting person n expect them to quench our Love led demands . Ultimately out of unlimited expectations relationships fall apart and we end up thinking Love is a loosing game,Love is compromise,Love is struggle,Love hurts (The worst one i have heard)If that’s what you are experiencing … well…. I am sorry to say you are experiencing anything but Love. Its an illusion so WAKE UP ….Start Loving yourself first … that’s what I have been doing ..its difficult but its a great feeling . By loving yourself I mean having a healthy respect for what you are n what you have . Only when you can fill yourself up can you give anyone anything . Love is no respecter of reasons it IS going to happen sooner or later , so be positive and spend that time in getting to know yourself and loving your self .

God is kind until you meet your soul mate he will keep sending you love in form of friends, family, pets, books, work… in the process don’t forget when you find your soul mate that Love is about loving everyone and everything equally … You will always have a contended relationship.

As my my favourite writer Paulo Coehlo said; “Close the door , change the record ,clean he house …stop being who you were..! Become who you are .”


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  1. 19
    sunita verma commented on September 17, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    What to say it comes naturally for someone and many times in a life time. One of them
    could have been a real soul mate but most people miss them due to ignorance,
    possessiveness or uncontrolled situations. It takes a toll to really love ourselves. Hats
    off to you if you can love your self it means you meditate a lot and reached a higher stage
    where you admire your self to be part of this universe congratulations for this too.

  2. 18
    kwwlguy commented on August 26, 2010 at 9:15 am

    i was also once ditched,now am back on track…

  3. 17
    Arjun Kumar Ganjoo commented on August 21, 2010 at 5:34 am

    Hi Celina

    I am a Long time fan and appreciate your beauty,character and spirit.

    I vehemently support your thoughts on LOVE and agree with ” Learning to Love Ourselves”.

    What i wish to add to this experience is that, Love, not necessarily sweet, brings a world of experience to an individual who has been expecting a lot from himself and people around him. This individual may experience emotional and psychological set backs occasionally forcing him to alter his thinking of the world around him.

    But amongst all this turmoil and self discovery, one must not forget who they are and what must they do, to remain connected to their roots.

    ” We as an individuals are so tiny that if all our existence were to be sacrificed, it would matter, for our universe and the life it encapsulates, is so vast and endless that it makes one wonder, if there is a reason we all should be standing against each other”. think about it!

    with this thought i would like to conclude my response and hope your fans and myself, alike, Learn and love Life as it exists.

    Best wishes


  4. 16
    shanthi. commented on July 31, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Dear Dear Celina,
    I am a 24 yr married gal got married 4 months ago…….I started workin wid mncs since the age 20.. i recently quit my job and am studying ICWA…
    sometimes feel that I am handling too many things and crumble under pressure,
    though my hubby is a great guy…

    I absolutely admire u for being so cool about urselves dear…since u became miss india, im ur fan…
    its better to be single than get involved wid a wrong person..
    u r da best and will get the best guy.. mark my words sweety…
    if possible, plz do mail me, i wanna follow u on twitter n facebuk also…

    cheers my gal,

  5. 15
    rana DAS commented on July 23, 2010 at 7:02 am

    we are all single in this world … coz all those ppl who matter 2 us the most … who could hav made our lives that extra special … are gone …. we hav lost them ….cz of our own mistakes …
    we are so entangled in our social life that we hav lost the innocence….. wen we r young…. n in love ….its such a different experience … but wen we grow up it bcums so complicated ….
    just one simple thing … that we want …. is the same unconditional love in return … becums something so difficult to achieve… but by d time we realize its alwz too late ….. coz we hav already hurt the person whom we love the most … who could hav made it that extra special … n everything is gone .. no way turning back…. dazz wht history/ our past speaks for all..
    n then we learn again … we fall in love again ….but life never stays d same ….. for some they trully meet their soul mate … but there are some … who`can only learn in this lifetime ….

  6. 14
    Tahir commented on June 12, 2010 at 2:57 am

    your best twitter verse Today…
    “never consider any 1 unworthy. because U might wake up 1 day 2 realize that U have lost a diamond while U wr 2 busy collecting stones”

    ‘YOU are a diamond for me but dont think that i m a stone’.

    [You may forget me but u r constantly on my mind… will meet u in next life]

  7. 13
    Tahir commented on June 12, 2010 at 2:50 am

    Everyone has a power within them, if they r not aware of it then it is normal, but if we discover it then it has two opposite effect…
    either we become d slave of it or we make it slave, Dont be slave of ur power… rule ur power and dont get ruled by ur power… Be a Master.

    we should use our power wisely.. we shouldnt analyse each n every moment of life about “this has to be done, this has not to be done’, Today my tarot card is saying this, oh! my sunsign his telling that”…. plz hold… in this rush we r losing something ‘big’ behind (i personally feels)

    (Plz dont feel like i m teaching u or boasting myself.. it is wat i personally feels, u may hav different ideology dear)

    @As my my favourite writer Paulo Coehlo said; “Close the door , change the record ,clean the house …stop being who you were..! Become who you are .””


  8. 12
    Tahir commented on June 12, 2010 at 2:25 am

    @”till the right person comes along”, @”LOVING MYSELF FIRST”

    Yes, i do believe but Actually if we love ourself then there should b a limit.. we cant give our 100% love to ourself, how that right person wil enter in ur life if u r not giving him space, how wil he enters in ur life if u hav created a wall around u… in that case d right person wil come n go n u would never know(giving space is not only just givin space on d other side of d bed or in d wardrobe but i personally feels it is beyond that).

  9. 11
    Tahir commented on June 12, 2010 at 2:05 am

    @”Taking a break and being single is a great way to begin the self healing process . It takes time but I realized that we have to take charge of our lives and most of all get over of being in the constant feeling of being UNLOVED .”

    yes yes yes… i believe it too, my loneliness teaches me something which i have not learned from the universities, i live alone, i love n enjoy my company, i speak to myself, i hav quarrel with myself, i sometimes agree with me too(if i quarrel with myself then i m learning to be ‘JUST’).. it makes me think n analyze any issue on the both side.

    @”Love hurts (The worst one i have heard)”
    Hurting in love is not like some physical pain, it has a vast meaning.. heart is the weakest part of our body n if it never been hurt then it would never be able to learn to be strong.. i got pain in Love but i hav learned so much from it, it teaches me ‘self respect’ , self realization, self love.
    OR.. there is also pain in love without hurt, A pain in love sometimes becomes the part of life.. the pain in the heart for someone whom we love could never be compared to any luxury of life. It is a magic which is shared by two people.

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