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Calling for gay rights in India

Calling for gay rights in India

Hi, I am Celina Jaitley… a film star by profession and a gay rights activist by humanity. When I openly stood up for the human rights of sexual minorities, I got a whole lot of support from people all over the world; at the same time I have been accused of being a lesbian (which is all right) and, more importantly, scorned and abused for standing up for the sexual minorities’ rights. Before I begin I would like to explain my sexuality: I am a straight woman with a whole lotta balls!

I became a part of the world of glamour at the very young age of 16. And not only since then, but somehow from childhood I have had gay friends and have been a part of their agonies and ecstasies . It’s horrid… just like apartheid when your very existence is a crime and you are discriminated against just because of what you are.

One of the two people who were catalysts in my taking the gay rights issue to another level, was a transgender makeup artist who was 50-years-old and stood by me in my struggling days as a model and actor. He was like a mother to me, he gave me pocket money when I was broke, and even looked after me when I was ill. Thanks to him I became a Miss India. He sent my entry application and I went on to become a Miss Universe runner-up. He, too, suffered in the battle against society and underwent many heartbreaking incidents of gay-bashing before passing away in an accident two years ago. He, too, wanted to do a lot for the transgender community… and my makeup on my wedding day, which never happened.

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