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I am ready to hear the three magical words…

I am ready to hear the three magical words…

Thanks to blogs , twitter , Face book I have had the advantage of interacting with thousands of fans all over the world and 85 % of people I have met n interacted with ,ask me why am I single since so long almost 4 years .
Even though I can say I don’t have to explain my personal life “BUT” being a public personality I feel its my duty at least to let my fans know what I think about “Love” n the dreaded word 🙂 “Sex”. Love I feel is what makes everything in this world go round, mind you it could be “LOVE” or merely the “ABSENCE OF LOVE” which can change a persons life forever .Once I was in love also (with a Swiss diplomat whom I was engaged to) n I use to think that my whole world is just him n me n us . When that fell apart after 3 years of immense closeness I too fell apart n HOW .
Little did I know in last 6 years of trying to get over him n dealing with the immense excruciating pain of loosing the (at that time) most important thing in my life would I find the greatest gift of all … LOVING MYSELF FIRST ! I found love in my work , I found love in my human rights activity,I found a new found closeness to my parents and I found friends whose unconditional love made me a human being I am very proud of . I now sit and think ,had I succumbed to what I interpreted as LOVE I would have never discovered myself and most important .. What it is that I really want in my life !When we love we forget that love is about not only Loving another but also about being loved back equally .
Love is eternalLove is meant to make us growLove is meant to make us safeLove is meant to healLove is meant to inspire us with it’s powerLove can renewLove is meant to bring us closer to God Still most of us want to “get into” or “Hang onto” what we think is LOVE or what gives us immediate comfort .
we are scared of facing ourselves alone .. why I wonder .. 4 years ago I was in a book shop at the airport and a book fell on my head from an upper shelf dazing me ( I was so negative that time that I thought wow the whole universe is conspiring against me to make a normal day even worse:).. Back to the point …well to my utter surprise two copies of a book called THE SECRET fell on me .
My life changed forever after that and began the self healing process . It took time but I realized that I have to take charge of my life … most of all get over of being in the constant feeling of being UNLOVED .

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  1. 15
    AYUSH SHRESTHA commented on June 2, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    ceilina after reading your journey and love story i come to know about ur struggle aND AND SACRFICE

  2. 14
    AYUSH SHRESTHA commented on June 2, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    ceilina Iam a huge fan of yours. you are a anjel for me

  3. 13
    Hemant Sharma commented on November 18, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    I lOVe YoU CELINA!
    i KnOW u WAnnA LiFE PArtNer whO eARn a dOllER moRe dAn U!!
    SO haRd luCk tO mE!!

  4. 12
    Dr Prakash commented on June 6, 2010 at 10:54 am


    Reading your story and the journey of understanding the significance of true love made me she tears. I am so glad that you have discovered yourself and found several purposes to make every day count.

    Keep it up, keep it going for no else but for you FIRST!

    Cheers always!

  5. 11
    jseses commented on June 4, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Cel, you already have thousands of fans, many of whom are ready to whisper those three magical words into your ears. Question is – who’d be the lucky guy that hears you whisper those three magical words back to him?

    I had a girl that I have my heart and soul too. She was my world for five years. Later I found out that she was lying to me all along. Those three words were magic for me, though they meant nothing to her.

    Someday, someone will come along, to whom, those words mean the world.

    Keep smiling gorgeous!


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