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This Independence Day I’ll walk hand in hand with gays

This Independence Day I’ll walk hand in hand with gays

On celebration of our 62nd year of Independence, I write today as a fourth generation Indian army daughter and not Celina Jaitly.

We have come a long way and this Independence Day I specially dedicate what I write, to all the soldiers of the great Indian Army, because the courage, strength and determination with which I stand today as a young woman runs in my veins from a very brave lineage of warriors who fought for the integrity and security of this country. The only difference is I am fighting the enemy which is gnawing at the very roots of this democracy from within.

The babas and yogis and many others self appointed “theckedars of society”, who have scorned me and assassinated my character and questioned “who” gave me (just an actress) the right to stand up for causes of society. Well, four generations of my family’s blood has gone into the service of this nation for nothing in return but a few medals… I HAVE THE RIGHT BLOODY WELL MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE to protect the legacy from within and for which these brave men have given their lives without a single complaint but a smile in the face of the enemy’s bayonet .

I pledge this Independence Day that I will not allow anyone to gnaw at the roots of this great democracy. I will not let anyone stand in the way of human dignity, human rights…
Right to equality
Right to freedom
Right against exploitation
Right to freedom of religion
Cultural and educational rights
Right to constitutional remedies

… There is nothing more powerful then citizen action to combat corruption. This Independence Day I would like to say again that everybody thinks of changing humanity but nobody thinks of changing themselves. Change your attitude from within (for any cause) and your support is shown. From a citizens’ rights point of view, the solution to all our complaints is to view them as your and my responsibility… not that of governments, the police and multinational companies. “You and I” should play our part if we want things to happen in our interest… in the citizens’ interest … our biggest complaint is corruption and the only way to fight corruption is if we the people are willing to stand in line, wait for our turn and follow normal procedures to get service. Do not be afraid to stand up and voice your opinion, know your rights. There are enough fundamental rights to protect us… Use your power of vote… it’s all about the first step… take it.

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    ShiVa commented on June 22, 2010 at 5:07 am

    Dear Celina,

    It’s nice to see you stand up against great adversity. It’s nothing to do with being a warrior, more to do with the passion that you have for the cause. For passion, is true love, and love is God.

    This world hasn’t changed much. Yet, the time for change is upon us. We are a people of fear. I’m not talking about the people of India, but the people of this world.

    What scares us, we speak against. We, as a world, will be forced too, very soon, to look at thy self before we speak against anyone else.

    As for the self proclaimed baba’s and yogis, it’s not really their fault. Most of them have taken vows of celibacy. You on the other hand are a really gorgeous girl, with a killer smile, and eyes that are truly devilish. I think their attack on you was just a means of getting your attention. You know the kind – in hindi movies – the guy fights with the girl, and somehow it all turns into love.

    As for the cause – I think we should all be gay! Don’t laugh. I mean it. Those that fear are all about the sexual aspect of being gay. Yet, this is about feelings. About love for fellow human beings. It’s that great yearning inside of you to be loved. That’s all that it is….

    Keep up the good work! You Rock.

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