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Aishwarya Rai inspires Celina Jaitley’s marriage

Aishwarya Rai inspires Celina Jaitley’s marriage

There’s an attractive, cat-eyed actress looking very snug and smug right now – and her name is not Aishwarya Rai.
But she’s out to have her cake and eat it too, just like Ms Rai.

After spinning all over India for shoots, shows and song sequences, Celina Jaitley recently gave herself a treat. She flew out to Dubai, put up her feet and snuggled up to fiancé Peter Haag. She’d earned the vacation – her Demi Moore-meet-Priyanka Chopra act as seductress in Shrimati is running to packed houses.

“Demi Moore was magical in Disclosure and Priyanka Chopra was absolutely wonderful in Aitraaz. They’re both gorgeous women, so it was a great experience for me to do a role that both of them had done so splendidly,” gushed Celina, sitting comfortably in Dubai.

Combining Disclosure with Aitraaz, Celina in Shrimati pulled off the difficult act “of seducing Kannada superstar Upendra in a language I didn’t know,” she giggled. She did it by getting a Kannada-spouting designer-friend to sit with her in the evenings and reel off the dialogues, “While I sat and tried to seduce my friend! It was like going back to school for me, learning new words and rehearsing. But it was fun and worth it because the film is a big hit and still running house full.”

Interestingly, Celina has come full circle with this film because she was the one Subhash Ghai had first tapped for Priyanka’s role in Aitraaz! “I lost it because of some miscommunication.

I was so new to the industry, I didn’t know my way around. I’m a simple girl from an army background. To this day I can say that I’ve never had someone take me under their wing and guide me. But isn’t it wonderful that despite all that I am here doing good work, getting good films and doing so many shows?”

It is, because Celina Jaitley is a self-made woman and content to bask in the pleasures of her profession and her personal life.
On the threshold of marriage, Celina is upbeat that today an actress can get married and continue to work nonchalantly. “It’s so wonderful that actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Kajol and now Madhuri Dixit too, have changed the way the industry looks at married actresses.
Aishwarya continues to hold her own after marriage and she’s blooming. I’m so glad the mentality here has changed. It’s a lovely time for me to be working here.”

“It’s so wonderful that actresses like Aishwarya and Kajol have changed the way the industry looks at married actresses. It’s a lovely time to be working here!”

To be married and to have a satisfying career is like a gift for working girls like Celina Jaitley who love what they do. “I’m not the kind of girl who wants to marry a millionaire and sit back comfortably. If I had to get married and not work again, something inside me would just die.”
So why has Celina postponed her marriage? She’s got real heartwarming reasons. One, her brother who’s older than her has got clearance from the army to get married this October. He had a broken engagement two years ago, so the family would like him to have his big day before his younger sister.
Celina will make her plans later in the year, after her brother’s marriage. And two, Peter’s grandma in Austria is unwell, so original plans to wed in Egypt (Celina is Brand Ambassador of the country) may have to undergo a change.

“Imagine, I seduced a superstar in a language I didn’t know!”

But it’s bliss for the girl who has chosen, “Not a millionaire-industrialist or an actor but a successful, simple man from the corporate world” to wed and live with. And now she can have her cake and eat it too, as she intends to be married and keep working forever too!

Source: The Film Street Journal

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