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Lieber Rocco, danke, dass du meine Tage mit deinen Wünschen besonders gemacht hast, bitte wisse, dass du einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen hast, und ich bin wirklich privilegiert, deine Liebe jeden Tag zu haben, seit ich meinen Twitter-Account eröffnet habe. viel Liebe 💕…

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Celina carries an overnight bag!

Celina carries an overnight bag!

Celina Jaitly, who’s looking terrific these days, is also roaming around town carrying a high-end designer bag that can easily pass off as a over-nighter.

Of course, Celina defends her choice of bag saying, “It’s one of the newest pieces in the market, it is made of a material that can’t be replicated by the guys who make fakes, and most importantantly it carries my two books, keys, multi-chargers, wallets, etc.” Celina’s mother, who is a psychologist, says that the bigger the bag, the more emotional baggage a woman carries. “In my case it is true. I do carry a lot of emotional baggage,” she says. Well we know that already.

Source: Times of India

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