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Celina in Dubai: “I’m a peaceful rebel!”

Celina in Dubai: “I’m a peaceful rebel!”

Celina Jaitly surprises us the moment we meet her, for two very different reasons. First, we observe that in person she looks young enough to be a schoolgirl. Second, she mentions that Masala! magazine often criticises her style sense. After hearing this, we expect her to follow it up by criticising us. Instead what Celina says is, “I hope I have not offended anyone.”

In the city for Dubai Fashion Fiesta, Celina will be walking the ramp for designer Archana Kochhar’s show later today (July 22). We caught up with the ‘Golmaal Returns’ star earlier at the Hyatt Regency, and got her talking about her Bollywood journey so far, her style faves, and lots more

Do you think you’ve got your due in Bollywood?
(Smiles) You know making it in Bollywood is a continuous process. There have been people who had overnight success and then disappeared. As for me, this November I’ll complete seven years in Bollywood. Before I joined the industry, I had a very different life. The most glamorous thing I did then was go to the Army Club with my parents to play Tambola! Now, I have seven movies lined up for release. I’m here to stay!

What’s your next release going to be?
It’s Subhash Ghai’s ‘Hello Darling’ which takes a comical look at the issues facing Indian women. I’ve always felt that Indian women are multi-tasking machines. They have to look after so many people and do so many things, and this movie traces the journey of such women. I play an Anglo-Indian girl in the film, what people in Mumbai would call ‘Sandra from Bandra’! She supports her boyfriend, is harassed by her boss, and wonders how to change her life. It’s strange because in real life I’m a very strong person.

You’ve always been outspoken about your beliefs. What’s the reaction you get in the industry for this?
I get a lot of silent support. But I’ve lost out with conservative people when it comes to work. That’s what happens when you take a stand. I accept it. Martin Luther King said, “Don’t see the staircase, just see the first step.” So I’ve always been a peaceful rebel.

What made you decide to walk the ramp for Archana Kochhar?
I love Archana’s designs! She’s a dear friend and we have very similar tastes. The collection she’s showing at Dubai Fashion Week is inspired by romance and poetry. It makes me feel really beautiful , like a princess. And I do believe that every woman has a right to be a princess!


Style Watch
Celina was wearing an Archana Kochhar design when we met and she said about it, ‘It makes me feel like a schoolgirl, yet very feminine and womanly’. Check out this picture, you can see she looks gorgeous. As the showstopper for Archana at Dubai Fashion Fiesta, Celina is going to be wearing a pink gown with lots of flounce, very Princess-like. Celina told us, “After wearing the dress, I’m going to go looking for Prince Charming!”

Most stylish people in Bollywood
“Rekha. She puts us all to shame with how she looks. I look at her and think, ‘What am I going to do? I am already wilting!’ I think Aishwarya’s very stylish too. Among the men, I’d say Hrithik Roshan and Feroze Khan.”

Fave Dubai hangouts
“I’ve got my maasi and mama and cousins and the Jashn store here. So I’ve always had a great time in the city. And there are all the lovely malls. I love Festival City and Dubai Mall, even though I’m ready to faint after shopping because the mall is so huge.”


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