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Celina Jaitely launches protest against Bombay Gymkhana

Celina Jaitely launches protest against Bombay Gymkhana

Bollywood actress Celine Jaitely has launched a Twitter campaign against 135-years-old Elite club Bombay Gymkhana. The club reportedly threw out a celeb transgender activist Laxmi Tripathi on Friday.

“Boycott Bombay Gymkhana in name of HUMAN RIGHTS n equality. Preserve democracy,” read the Twitter message posted by Celina in a protest against clubs high handed attitude.

She has also urged people to join the campaign, “BOYCOTT BOMBAY GYM” for discriminating against an individual.

The actress, well-known for supporting the cause of gays and transgender alike, has supported their cause in the past too.

What transpired at Gymkhana?
The whole incident transpired on Friday evening when celeb transgender Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, who also work with United Nations on human rights issues, went to Bombay Gymkhana as a guest at a function there.

According to Laxmi, she entered the club premises without any complications but an hour later club CEO Brig (Retd.) R K Bose marched into the party and “told the host (Ajay Hattangadi) that I was not welcome at the Bombay Gymkhana,” she said.

This declaration started an argument and club official told the host that his club membership will be revoked if Laxmi stayed at the function.

Laxmi said that this is the first incident where she was discriminated because of her sexuality and she is considering lodging a complaint against the club officials in the police station for their biased attitude.

People angry with Gymkhana’s biased attitude
Several members of the club who witnessed the whole incident unfold said that they are shocked at clubs action.

“It is a disgrace. Everybody has biases, and that is fine with me. But the Bombay Gymkhana has violated the legal rights of an individual. If the law says that it recognises the third sex, Bombay Gymkhana has no right to do this. Ajay Hattangadi, the host, had tears in his eyes. This is the level of humiliation caused,” said Srila Chatterjee, a member of the club for over 20 years.

However, Deputy CEO of the club Col A K Bhargava said, “Whether or not the club wishes to allow a patron entry is a personal choice.”

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