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Celina Jaitly learns German

Celina Jaitly learns German

The actress plans to debut in German cinema after she delivers her first baby

Celina Jaitly, who is expected to deliver her first baby in April, keeps busy with yoga and pre-natal classes (accompanied by husband Peter Haag). That’s not all. She’s learning German as she plans to do a film in the language after her baby is born. She tells us from Dubai, “I am using my pregnancy to learn German from a private tutor thrice a week at home.

And I’m not just doing it for Peter (he’s Austrian) and the babies but also to do international films. After being on the jury of the Cairo Film Festival, I have been exposed to some amazing world cinema. And I feel it’s good to be part of such features, too.” Does this mean she plans to quit Hindi films? “No!” Celina exclaims, adding, “Hindi films are my life. I just wanted to dabble in world cinema as I find it interesting.” The actress flew to Dubai last month for medical checkups as she hasn’t been keeping too well.

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