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Celina Jaitly—Mommy Returns

Celina Jaitly—Mommy Returns

“Babies Should Be Born Out Of Love, Not Lust Or As Relationship Band-Aids”
Celina Jaitly and her husband Peter Haag are back from the UAE with their new-born twins, Viraaj and Winston. In an exclusive interview to Stardust, the actress speaks about her new role as a doting mother and reveals her plan of adopting a baby girl for a picture perfect family. Read on for the confessions of the Bollywood yummy mummy…

You have always been a career woman. How did it feel to take a break from work?
Honestly speaking, I had severe withdrawal symptoms in the first trimester of my pregnancy, even though I was very happy. I would look at my Jimmy Choos and cry, believing I would never be able to wear them again.

My husband used to tease me so much. I missed the mustiness of the film sets, the chaos and most of all, not being able to dance. I did not realize that dance and drama is me and not just a profession. The interesting thing about being a Bollywood star is that you are not only an actor but you are a danseuse, a politician, a make-up artiste, a hairdresser, a designer, not to miss an epitome of a virgin angel, an orator and finally an actor. I missed everything and how (laughs)!

You have named your twins Viraaj and Winston. What do these names mean?
Viraaj comes from the Indian word meaning sun; Sanskrit word meaning one who rules in many directions; Hindi word for the name of Ganesha, and Marathi word for leader of warriors. Winston means town of victory. However, Winston was named after our favourite leader from history, Winston Churchill, regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the century.

You have become a mother. What changes have you made in your personal life and space for your kids?
Honestly speaking, every change that came in our personal lives was that of a positive nature. Motherhood has made me discover things about myself I never knew. I feel complete, whole and sexier than ever before. It is amazing to be a mum. It is like having added a whole new wonderful dimension to my womanhood. I see myself more patient and have a new found respect for my own mother and every other mother in this world.

How good is Peter as a father? Generally, men are not trained to deal with kids.
I don’t know about others, but Peter is a very good father. My husband has been my pillar of strength. I couldn’t have made it through the highs and lows of motherhood and pregnancy at all without him. His unconditional devotion and love to me and the kids despite his very busy schedule as an hotelier was extremely moving. Even though he always joked, “My wife is having twins and I am having a breakdown.”

Most actresses from yesteryears have taken a break for pregnancy and bringing up their kids. Do you feel that women actually miss out on work because of thier commitment towards kids?
It’s not about taking a break to bring up the kids. The thing is that the personal lives of actresses from yesteryears were so restricted that they really needed to take the break for their own sanity’s sake. Nowadays, things are different. Actresses are allowed to still show their human side, they are allowed to have a personal life and many more liberties that they didn’t have before. Henceforth, I can say with great relief that in today’s time, we actresses have the liberty of being professionals and homemakers at the same time.

What are the most annoying things your kids do? And how crazy is it to bring up twins?
So far, everything seems cute and every day, we discover something new. Raising twins is completely different from raising singletons. It’s double the trouble and double the fun at the same time. As Peter and I like to say, ‘Experience wildlife; raise twins!’ We have also discovered the fact that twins are nature’s own liposuction technique (laughs), provided you are a hands-on parent. For now, the boys have coloured our lives blue and I am sure in a year or two, we may suddenly discover everything valuable in the house also painted blue by the two naughty angels.

Being fit is the new mantra for all new-age mommies. But do you feel that pressure of being always fit because you are a celebrity? Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was hounded by the media for putting on weight, what’s your take?
My grandmother always said, ‘When a woman gives birth, she also takes rebirth herself.’ Only a woman knows what she goes through when she is pregnant. It was rather unfair of people to target Ash. Is she not a woman? Does she not have a right to take time off and enjoy just being a mum to her much awaited child? Our ideologies of beauty, unfortunately, finish at a hot body and pretty face. No one wants to see the fact that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and not the beer holder. Ash put Indian beauties on the map; despite the pregnancy weight, she is gorgeous and carries herself so well. It would be nice to applaud that instead of pointing fingers.

You have always been portrayed as this ‘hot’ babe from Bollywood. Post motherhood, would you like to retain that image? Or you would like to do a film that doesn’t showcase your ‘hot’ quotient?

Of course, it is rather regressive to become a behenji just because you have grown babies in your uterus. I will always be sexy, not just for my fans but for my hubby too.

Are you planning to sign any films? Or do you intend to get into TV as a celebrity judge or host?
Definitely. I’ve already started working on new endorsements, which I have signed. As soon as my sabbatical is over, I will start with films too. Television today is very big and I have many wonderful offers.

Does a baby help in creating a better bond between couples?
The above depends entirely on the couple. However, I personally believe one should not have children to mend relationships. Babies should come for the right reasons in this world. A happy, content couple will always bring forth a happy family; an unhappy couple will provide an unhealthy environment for the baby. Babies should be born out of love, not lust or as relationship band-aids.

While most actors hide their baby bump, you were very casual about it. Are you not superstitious?
If God chose me to be a mother of twins, I believe he will take care of both me and my babies. I was proud to be pregnant. There was nothing to hide; everything was God’s greatest blessing.

Are you an over-protective mother, or do you take it easy?
I am definitely protective. However, I follow one rule, which I learnt from my mother, ‘There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.’

Do you depend on nannies? Or are you a control freak when it comes to your own kids?
I am my kids’ nanny (laughs). I don’t have a nanny for the babies, but I do have a trained governess who only takes care of the house and children’s personal items. I’ve never let anyone else take care of the babies but myself, Peter as well as my mom and dad, and my mom-in-law.

Did you make changes in your apartment for the kids? Do they have a room for themselves or do they stay in your room?
Of course. Twins needed two of everything, from changing tables to baby cots and Moses baskets. We did their room in a smurf theme which I drew myself. However, the babies are too small to sleep by themselves so they sleep in a vintage wooden cot at our bedside.

I know you are a terrible singer, but do you sing lullabies for your twins? What songs do you sing?
You are such a dog calling me a terrible singer (laughs loudly). I pride myself on certain notes that shatter glass as well as ear drums (laughs). I play the piano for the boys very often. I think they love it, though I cannot speak the same for our neighbours.

Are you recording their childhood in your personal camera?
Absolutely. Peter recorded their birth in the hospital as well. He feels it’s the best work I have ever done (laughs).

You had mentioned that you are planning to adopt a girl child. When is that happening?
Whenever Winston and Viraaj are grown enough to take care of a little baby sister, we will look at finding a baby girl.

Why do you want to adopt?
God has been very kind to us and we feel if he has given us, as a family, so many blessings then why not give a child with no love a home and a family?

Do you think adoption in India is a very time consuming process and that’s the reason most childless couples avoid adopting?
Oh yes! It is a very tedious process. However, if it is meant to be, I know a little girl will come to us even if we have one of our own. We want a large family and it doesn’t matter if the family comes from our own blood or not, as long as it is a soul family.

Don’t you think when Viraaj and Winston grow up, they will question you for adopting a girl child?
I don’t know what questions Winston and Viraaj will ask us when they grow up, but if they are anything like Peter and I, they will ask us, ‘Mummy and daddy, why did we get only one baby sister? Couldn’t you get us one more?’

You think it’s possible to share love (the same way) between your biological child and adopted baby?
Honestly speaking, I really cannot comment because I haven’t adopted a child yet. But what I can say with confidence is that if two strangers from foreign lands can meet at another foreign destination, fall in love and have babies and more, so can parents meet their children outside the womb and fall in love and live as a happy family.

Would you like to adopt a baby from Mother Teresa’s organization because of your Bengal connect?
Definitely. We are putting the word out and I hope it reaches the guardians of our little girl soon and she is brought to us. We may not be a perfect family, but there will be lots of love, caring, togetherness and god’s blessings.

What will be your next release?
Run Bhola Run and Scarlett Poppy will be my next two releases.

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