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Celina Jaitly On The Loose Talk That She’d Become Pregnant Before Marriage, ‘Our Kids Must Be Protected From Such Malicious Wrong Information’- EXCLUSIVE

Celina Jaitly On The Loose Talk That She’d Become Pregnant Before Marriage, ‘Our Kids Must Be Protected From Such Malicious Wrong Information’- EXCLUSIVE

Celina Jaitly who’s mother to 3 sons is in a happy space as she juggles between two countries, manages her kids and work. The actress in an exclusive conversation speaks at length about the birth of her children, the post pregnancy weight loss and lots more

Celina Jaitly is a proud mother to 3 kids and the actress who’s currently in Austria is juggling work and children with ease. The actress will be seen in a film called Season’s Greetings.

We spoke to the actress at length as she discussed about her children, managing work and children, speculations around her pregnancy before marriage and much more.

Would you term Season’s Greetings as your comeback film?
I wish people would stop using the phrase “Comeback Film”. It’s not the 70s or 80s anymore. We live in an era of globalisation wherein we are connected by a wide diaspora of information and technology. All I did was take a maternity sabbatical to enjoy family life and birth of my children, but even then my films, music and campaigns ran on every possible digital platform and channel. When our male compatriots take a break no one uses this term. Many of my co-stars have not done films for years and nobody uses this terminology for them when they resume filming.

Any advantages/disadvantages that one has to deal with, when staying abroad and raising a family?
Living abroad has been fabulous for us. Multicultural diversity and exchange boost the children’s capability to be tomorrow’s successful generation.
Since I got married, thanks to my husband’s corporate leadership roles, I have had the opportunity to live in many countries like Singapore, UAE and now back home in Austria. When you leave your home country, you not only get to see other ways of doing things but you also discover how others perceive your country and your culture. In taking a few steps back, a new picture of your home country and of your relationships (with your family, your friends) starts to emerge.

What do you have to say about the speculations which suggested that you got pregnant before marriage?
There are some overconfident proclaims of the fact that Peter and I got married only because I became pregnant. The depiction of our children being conceived before marriage doing rounds on the internet through some very strong media platforms is absolutely baseless and irresponsible. They could have checked their facts with the Austrian marriage courts before jumping to such irresponsible conclusion and the worst part of it is that they continue to do so even 9 years after our marriage. These rumours expose our growing kids to harmful content on-screen and bullying too in some cases. I have decided to raise my voice against this malicious circulation of information as our kids must be protected from images and information that could have a lasting and detrimental impact on them. The media has an important role to play in protecting and promoting the rights of the child and by continuously circulating such terribly wrong information about their very conception, they are playing an important part in causing the children great emotional and possibly physical trauma too.

So, when did you decide to have kids?
I have been enjoying the limelight since I was 15. I started my busy and stressful professional career at an age when people enjoy their teens in colleges and have campus romances. When Peter (Haag) came in my life, he was my charming prince, and I knew that if I have to settle in life then it has to be with him! Obviously, both of us love kids and we were eventually blessed with twins twice, Winston, Viraaj, Arthur and Shamsher.

How did you keep yourself updated with what was happening in India?
We don’t live in the 80’s, and we all are working directly or indirectly together through various channels and platforms on various creative projects. The world is just a whatsapp, tweet or an instagram feed away anyway.

What would you like to do next?
I am super excited to explore different aspects of myself as an individual. From an upcoming music single to films and my work with UN, I’m under a continuous process of evolution.

Are you open to doing web shows?
It depends entirely on the platform and script. When I joined films in 2002, people took offence when you asked them for a script. Even if a script was given to you, the dialogue and story would be very different from what it was initially projected to be. I am so happy that thanks to the digital platform, one can truly explore so many new dimensions of themselves as actors. So yes, I look forward to doing something fabulous in the near future.

People say that post pregnancy it becomes difficult to get back in shape. But you seem to be an exception. How tough or easy has it been?
Fitness to me is a lifestyle, it is everything from how much one sleeps to what one eats to how many steps does one take in a day or the perfect balance between weight training or resistance training because besides my own physical and mental wellbeing I have to be a perfect role model to my 3 sons. Having said that, pregnancy and post pregnancy recovery is an experience unique to every individual and differs from women to women. Between social media, cultural influences and increased awareness about the guidelines, pregnant women and new moms should follow the judgment women face as they enter motherhood. I remember how much flak I received for posting a picture in a bikini and bathtub when I was pregnant with my second set of twins 1 1/2 years ago. Some people were vicious enough to attribute our son’s death as well as my father’s death to the same. Because women today have their own individuality, the society at large feels all-too-comfortable passing judgments because the newfound expression of freedom is something people around us find it difficult to deal with. What they don’t realise is the last thing an overworked, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, hormonal, healing new mother needs is to feel judged. What we all need is respect and lots of support.

How do you manage to strike the right balance between managing work and children?
Like most working moms, I also experience immense MOM GUILT returning to a career that I’d built for years. The trick is that if you do a job that makes you “feel valued” it could be the perfect cure for Mom Guilt as one becomes more confident. Business travel has been a predominantly male sphere, but things have changed a lot, as an actor and UN ambassador, I made my kids understand right from the beginning the travel consequences of my job.

I sometimes do suffer a great deal of separation anxiety like all working mothers. It important as career moms we have to find ways to be efficient in both worlds—and that requires being able to come to terms with choices and focus on the priorities that are in the moment.


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