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Celina sheds sexy image

Celina sheds sexy image

Celina Jaitley will be seen in an all new avatar in Mahesh Nair’s Accident on Hill Road.

Celina Jaitley, plays the lead character of Sonam Chopra in Magna Films’ upcoming flick ‘Accident on Hill Road’. Inspired by daily accidents that occur on Mumbai roads Mr. Nair has not only narrated a true incident but also has challenged himself by casting Celina Jaitley in a never seen before image. The director says, “I like to experiment so I casted Celina for this intense role. It will be a pleasant surprise to see her in a not so glamorous role spotting a short hair cut.” The director continues saying, “Accident on Hill Road is a cunning and energetic thriller that takes its premise from the real-life incident of a woman who hit a man, then drove home and parked the car in the garage with the man wedged halfway through her windshield. Celina Jaitley stars as Sonam Chopra, a hard-partying, overworked nursing assistant.”

Accident on Hill Road also stars veteran actor Farooque Shaikh and Celina who was first apprehensive in sharing screen presence with such a talented actor was made completely at ease by Shaikh. The actress couldn’t stop raving about the actor there on. Director Mahesh Nair has almost three years experience as an Assistant Director under leading dark film maker Ram Gopal Varma. The newbie director is now imparting his knowledge to the students of a film school, where he said, “Communication is the key to enter Bollywood. Also, it is important to have team members more experienced than yourself to sustain in the industry.” The director also shared his sorrow of getting the “A’ certificate for the film due to a love-making scene between the leading couple. In spite of strong views and appeal to cut the shot Mahesh is still hoping to sail smoothly with the scene as it is an initial part of the film.

Source: Starboxoffice

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