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Celina supports PETA on Elephant captivity

Celina supports PETA on Elephant captivity


In those black hot shorts, black top going in tandem with her jet black hair and very fair skin, Celina looked simply ravishing for a photo-shoot. And this time the shoot had a cause behind it with Celina holding a placard that read Elephants belong in the wild and not in captivity. Well, whatever Celina Jaitly does, she does it with a decent amount of sincerity, oomph and honesty. IndiaFM was present at the photoshoot yesterday where she was shooting an ad campaign for PETA in support of the cruel state of Elephants in India. And Jaitley seemed to be well informed about the cause that she was promoting.

I was in Zurich eight months ago to raise money for captive Asian Elephants. PETA approached me after seeing my work, Celina said. Last year there was a big accident where a tanker had banged against an elephant and there was nothing that was done to protect that elephant who was injured severely. There are thousands of elephants which are mistreated. According to a recent study elephants go insane very quickly in captivity. In many a cases they live in very very bad conditions, they are chained. It is sad that the very animal we worship, we treat it so badly, she added.

Is this love for elephants meant for mere publicity or is there more to it? I love Indian elephants. Since I am coming from East where elephants are very famous. They are called rogue elephants. They come in groups. It’s my wish to bring this cause before people of the country. I also wish to form a Trust with PETA to generate money for a Sanctuary where elephants can live in their natural habitat.

The ambience created in ace photographer Rakesh Shreshta’s studio was one of a jungle with big trees, interloping roots, calmness and naturalness. What’s the idea behind the photoshoot? This photoshoot is for the advertisement of PETA which will go in the whole country. The concept is that the elephants belong in the jungles and not in chains.

Would you say that the man is increasingly becoming insensitive to nature and wild life? Wild life is a very important part of the ecosystem. Human beings have become so busy in enhancing the city limits that they don’t want any other animal to live other than themselves. An animal needs as much love and affection as we depict towards each other. There has to be some awareness amongst the youth of today, Celina stated.

Finally, any film based on animals that has been your favourite? It has to be Safed Haathi . I must have watched it at least ten times. I would want such a film to be made again.

The cynics would say it’s a publicity stunt to enhance one’s image in the people’s eyes. But if you look at the positive side of it, any amount of awareness about such causes is a blessing in disguise. Maybe it’s time we learnt to listen to the silent cry of creatures who can’t speak our language.

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