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Film production is tougher than acting: Celina Jaitley

Film production is tougher than acting: Celina Jaitley

Celina Jaitley, who was in the capital some time back for some professional commitments, said that as far as her acting career goes, neither her marriage, nor her motherhood has affected it. Also, she is of the opinion that the idea that a married actress has few chances to play a lead role in a B-wood film, is a thing of the past now.

“The aversion filmmakers have towards offering a lead role to a married actress did exist in our industry, but only till a few years back. Now, I think, times have changed and the makers have moved away from all these old fallacies. That is the reason why many actresses, despite being married, are able to establish themselves firmly in the film industry on the basis of their hard work and talent. Actresses like Kajol are a perfect example of those who continue to be prominent film stars despite tying the knot. In my case too, I think that my marriage and motherhood haven’t affected my professional life at all; I am doing the same amount of work I used to do earlier,” she said. And as far as actors are concerned, she said that age and marital status is not an issue whatsoever. “Actors ko koi kuch nahin bolta hai. Our industry is still of the opinion that actors can play lead roles at any age, but we actresses are shelved as the years pass by.”

This Shimla-born also accepted that she never thought that she will be married to an NRI settled thousands of miles away from her and this, according to Celina, happened because it was “destined”. She said, “Love just happens. Yeh kab hoga, kahaan hoga, aur kisse hoga, yeh koi nahin jaanta. I believe in love stories like that of Romeo-Juliet and Heer-Ranjha; there are soulmates who are made for each other in this world. They meet in some way or the other. Similarly, I met Peter through one of my uncles. He proposed to me and I couldn’t say no. Everything depends upon destiny.”

Apart from her movies Run Bhola Run, Showman and some other scripts that she’s going through these days, this mother of two is also occupied with a lot of other things. She is planning to produce a film, the script of which she is in the process of reading currently. Also, the actress plans to write a book on women’s health and pregnancy. Celina told us, “A lot is going on in my professional life these days. I am planning to produce a film. I have learnt only now that producing a movie is much more difficult than acting in one. It’s tough to be a producer. I am also working on my book on women’s health during pregnancy which will bust myths related to the subject. People criticised Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan) for gaining a lot of weight post delivery but that was not her fault, it just happened because it was to be. Everybody has a different metabolism rates, so health issues differ. I didn’t gain too much weight post pregnancy because I am of a different body type. And this is what I’ll try to address through my writing.”

Source: TOI

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