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I am an olive green privileged nomad: Celina Jaitley

I am an olive green privileged nomad: Celina Jaitley

Actress Celina Jaitley is quite a traveller and loves going to places. In fact, she says it’s a childhood habit. She spent most of her childhood in different locations due to her dad’s army job where he was transferred in cities and towns all over India. No wonder the actor is now an ambassador for tourism in Egypt.

Talking about her passion for travelling to places Jaitley says, “I have had the biggest blessing of having been able to travel all over the world and staying in the best of establishments. I’ve also had the opportunity to leave behind a small piece of my heart at very special places like Egypt, Switzerland, Austria and Dubai. All these places are different from each other but a perfect example of how diverse and beautiful Earth is. I also firmly believe in the phrase, ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’”

So does she intend to write a book or make a film based on her travel escapades in the near future? Says Jaitley, “Not only a book based on my travels abroad but I also want to write about being a fourth generation army girl. I have had the honor of being born an olive green privileged nomad who has lived not only in the most seclude beautiful corners of India and Bhutan. However, I would also thank my profession as I have gathered pieces of diverse cultures from all over the world. All these memoirs are already a part of my secret journal. I may publish my experiences when I truly believe that I have seen it all. For now, all I can say is that I am an ardent travel buff.”

At a recently concluded awards function she gave the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, a glimpse of her popularity in Canada. He said, “I found myself surrounded by dozens of photographers in the cool night air. The cameras flashed in my — and it was mesmerising, overwhelming and intoxicating until one of the photographers distinctly told me, ‘Sir, you’re ruining my shot of Celina Jaitley’.

I was zapped but that gave me a good sense of how crazy people are for Bollywood.” The actor says that she also has fan followers on the micro-blogging sites from Germany, Egypt, Russia and Switzerland.Well, it looks like after Egypt, the gorgeous actress is ready to take Canada by storm!

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