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I’ll marry Peter in Egypt, says Celina

I’ll marry Peter in Egypt, says Celina

Celina Jaitly’s wedding date is finalised. The actress says she will tie the knot with Dubai-based Austrian businessman Peter Haag on September 23 in Egypt, which is now in turmoil.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians are demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak who has been in power since 1981.

‘By September I’m sure everything will be back to normal in Egypt. It has to be. A strife of this sort cannot last for more than some days. Peter and I will take our marriage vows in Egypt and nowhere else. We decided that when we decided to get married. That won’t change,’ said Celina, 30.

She intends to visit Egypt as soon as the present unrest subsides.

‘The recent events in Egypt have left us all completely and totally astounded. Whatever happens next will impact Egypt and its people in a big way. My prayers are that whatever the outcome, it should be of a positive nature,’ said the actress who last visited the country in December 2010.

‘I spent an entire month there until December 15 for a shoot. I attended the Cairo film festival as jury for 12 days, and shot for approximately a week for an ad campaign all over Cairo without a clue about any such incident taking place in Egypt.’

Celina has initiated a campaign for peace in Egypt on her official website.

‘It’s called Pray For Egypt. Twitter followers are invited to offer their prayers for peace in the region,’ said the actress who has worked in films such as No Entry and Golmaal Returns.

Earlier Celina had planned not to get married before 2012. But now when the couple is sure of their feeling for one another, waiting seems futile.

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