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My prayers are with Egypt: Celina

My prayers are with Egypt: Celina

Celina Jaitly is in a state of shock. The actress who also happens to be the brand ambassador of Egypt, tells Renuka Vyavahare, her take on the ongoing crisis and mayhem that has gripped the country.

You are the brand ambassador of Egypt. What’s your take on the current crisis and lawlessness in Egypt?
The winds of change are blowing through Egypt. Whatever happens next will impact Egypt and its people in a big way. My prayers are that whatever the outcome …it should be of a positive nature. My only fear is that extremist elements in Egypt might manipulate the current situation for nefarious ends. My hope and wish is, whatever change follows the protests, should be of positive nature. The change should avert violence and radicalization which will enable Egypt to grow to its full potential.

What is plan of action regarding the situation and the Indians that have been stuck in Egypt.
I would advise Indians stranded in Egypt to avoid venturing outdoors within Egypt unless it’s extremely essential. They should stay put within their residences/hotels and keep in touch with the Indian embassy there.

Last, you’ve been fond of Egypt for long, did you ever see these protests coming!
I was there until last month! In fact I spent an entire month there until 15th December 2010 for a shoot. Everything was perfectly normal and Egypt was as beautiful as ever. I attended the Cairo film festival as jury for 12 days and shot for approximately a week for an ad campaign all over Cairo without any untoward incident whatsoever.

How important is Egypt is for India?
Modern Egypt-India relations go back to the contacts between Saad Zaghloul and Mohandas Gandhi on the common goals of their respective movements of independence.

Most importantly Egypt has played a crucial role as a key ally of India in rebuilding peace in the Middle East and resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Which in turn supports india’s policy of promoting peace.

Egypt and India also share good trade relations Major Egyptian exports to India include raw cotton, raw and manufactured fertilizers, oil and oil products, organic and non-organic chemicals, leather and iron products. Major imports into Egypt from India are cotton yarn, sesame, coffee, herbs, tobacco, lentils, pharmaceutical products and transport equipment. The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum is also currently negotiating the establishment of a natural gas-operated fertilizer plant with another Indian company. In 2004 the Gas Authority of India Limited, bought 15% of Egypt Nat Gas distribution and marketing company.

In 2008 Egyptian investment in India was worth some 750 million dollars, according to the Egyptian ambassador.

Source: Times of India

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