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Dearest tweeps join me on wishing @Rocco_67 a very very happy birthday. 9 years of daily tweets bringing cheer to my life.. thank you for your love and devotion to me @Rocco_67 I am so lucky to have a fan like you.. Grüße liebe xx #Germany #Bollywood #FansGoFurther #Birthday

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Pregnant Celina Jaitley turns International Star!

Pregnant Celina Jaitley turns International Star!

Cairo, Jan 7: Do not get surprised if you find someday Celina Jaitley as a famous international actress. It is only the time to speak. Celina is now in Dubai in the stage of would-be mother. Her baby is expected by the month of April according to her husband Peter. She is tremendously busy in caring herself practicing yoga as suggested by the doctor. However, it is the news that she is learning German three days a week from a tutor at her home.

According to Celina, it is really helping her in passing her pregnancy time.

Nevertheless, why is she learning German? In fact, she has already signed for a German film after she became a mother. She said it was really a thrilling experience for her when she received the offer. She said laughingly that some time her fans might find her as an international famous actress.

Celina got some remarkable idea about international films when she attended the Film Festival at Cairo and just few days thereafter, she got this offer. So she is leaving Bollywood? Not at all, as narrated by Celina whatever she had learnt, that is from Bollywood. Therefore, it is not possible for her to forget Hindi films. She just wants to have an international experience and positioning in world cinema.

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