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Shoe much

Shoe much

Sex And The City 2 is out, and Carrie Bradshaw’s killer wardrobe already has fashion freaks fainting with envy. But one Bollywood star might give the famed shoe maven a run for her money.

A self-confessed shoe junkie, actress Celina Jaitly recently tweeted that her shoe collection had grown to 1,300 shoes. Eat that, Carrie! “I have a shoe fetish, I’m addicted to buying them,” she reveals. “My mom says that when I was a baby, I would purposely lose one shoe so that my parents were forced to buy me another pair.”
Teenage crush Jaitly’s early turn as a fashionista saw her with an enviable shoe collection that would have driven her teenage friends wild with jealousy. “As a teenager, I had about 90 pairs of shoes. I’d ask my father not to waste money buying me clothes. He said, ‘Ok, I’ll buy you shoes, but what will you wear with them?’”
Since the age of 17, Jaitly’s dreamed of having a room full of shoes, and the first apartment she bought was quickly converted into a Sex And The City- style heel haven. “The first thing I did with my apartment was fill one entire room with shelves for my shoes,” she says, adding sheepishly, “Though I have about 1,300 pairs, I only wear about eight pairs often.”

Stuck on sneakers Contrary to her glam-doll image, Jaitly insists that her sneakers win over her heels. “I love wearing sneakers with T-shirts and jeans. I treasure my gold sequined pair from Guess… it gets maximum attention from the boys,” she grins. While sequined sneakers may top her list of favourites, stiletto pumps don’t fall far behind.

“I love corduroy pumps because they work well with Mumbai’s climate. I have a huge collection of pumps, including some hand-painted and swarovski-laden ones. I recently picked up a pair in Philippines with a wooden heel, which has carvings of flowers on it. I’m waiting to wear them at the next Fashion Week,” she laughs.
Though a lover of boots herself, Jaitly agrees that anyone who wears them in Mumbai has got to be nuts. “I’ve lived most of my life in the hills, and now I travel to Europe a lot, which has the perfect weather for me to show off my boots. But never in Mumbai,” she confirms. The best place to pick up a pair according to her? “Cape Town, South Africa,” comes the reply.

Jaitly’s obsession with shoes reached its zenith when she was recently shooting in Canada. “I was shooting for Anees Bazmi’s film, Thank You, and had to buy painkillers for two root canals that were hurting me. When I reached the pharmacy, I spotted a shoe store opposite. I forgot about my pain and emerged 14 shoes richer. It was only when I was going to sleep that I remembered the pain. I told myself, ‘Celina, you’ve really gone crazy now,’” she laughs as she recalls.

So how effective is this shoe therapy? “Shoes are not only good for my feet, they are good for my head too,” she insists. “Whenever I buy a pair of shoes, I instantly feel happier.”

Source: Hindustan Times

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