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There’s nothing wrong with being gay: Celina

There’s nothing wrong with being gay: Celina

Bollywood hottie Celina Jaitley talks about gay rights, love, marriage and Egypt in an interview with Hyderabad Times…..

You are the ambassador for Egypt. What does the ongoing unrest in Egypt mean to you?
The recent events in Egypt have left us astounded. Whatever happens next will impact Egypt in a big way. My only concern is that extremist elements in Egypt will manipulate the current situation for nefarious ends. My hope is that whatever change follows, the protests should be of a positive nature that avert violence and radicalization which will enable Egypt to grow to its full potential. I love Egypt and it is my heartfelt emotional obligation to the beautiful country to represent it through all its highs and lows. I am here as a gentle reminder that even at times like this we should not forget the essence of beautiful Egypt and its loving, warm and friendly people.

You were planning to get married in Egypt.
That plan remains intact.

You exchanged rings with Dubai-based hotelier Peter Haag in a hush-hush manner.
We like privacy in our relationship. We believe that a relationship is successful only when you commit your heart and soul to each other and then exchange vows. All those romantic fantasies attached to engagements and weddings aren’t important. I wish people would invest more in their ‘marriage’ than spend on the ‘wedding’.

In an earlier interview with Hyderabad Times, you’d said that you want to get married, but haven’t because you hadn’t felt the need. Now you are engaged.
I felt the need to get married the day I looked into Peters’ eyes and realized that he is the one. I believe that ‘a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person’. Peter is the person I could fall in love with over and over all my life, and he feels the same way.

Andhra Pradesh is high on the number of homosexuals, but they are a lot who haven’t opened up.
One does not have to declare to the world about one’s sexuality in order to come to terms with it. There are many degrees of sexual orientation and if you find that you don’t fit easily into one category, perhaps you are bisexual. If you feel that you don’t fit or you can’t understand why you aren’t like other people in your life because you are different, remember that being yourself and accepting yourself for the person that you are is something to be immensely proud of. Being gay is another way of being and there is nothing wrong with it. If you feel that you want to make the choice to accept your sexuality, it would be best to find friends and loved ones to support you. Do not feel or let yourself be pressured into believing that you should ‘change your ways’. Determining your sexual orientation can be confusing. However, only you can identify yourself. Take your time and discover who you are.

What films you are doing?
I am doing Neeraj Vohra’s Run Bhola Run, Anees Bazmee’s Thank You, Aditya Dutt’s Chai Garam and Will You Marry Me. I also have a Kannada film Shreemathi with Upendra and two English projects, as well as Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Showman.

Source –  The Times of India

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