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Who was Celina in her past life?

Who was Celina in her past life?

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley will be one of the celebrity participants to appear on Raaz Picchle Janam Ka, a reality show that deals with past life regression.

“I underwent a relaxation series for a day or two. Then they regressed me in the studios where there was no one except the psychologist. I was later hypnotised and taken to places since the time I was born. Whatever I was seeing, I was talking and they were constantly googling it out and everything was showing up correctly,” the actress told a tabloid.

“I always believed in the after-life. This show had a renowned psychologist and the process was scientific. I came across three lifestyles and they spoke so much about me. One of them took me to 1975. One took me to US and another linked me to Germany,” added the actress.

Raaz Picchle Janam Ka will go on air from December 7. Other celebrity participants who will be seen on the show are Monica Bedi and Shekhar Suman.

Source: Hindustan Times

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