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Why Celina turned a foodie during ACCIDENT…?

Why Celina turned a foodie during ACCIDENT…?

Celina Jaitly did something during the shooting of ACCIDENT ON HILL ROAD that she hadn’t during last half a decade that she has spent in the industry. She indulged big time into eating during the entire 35 days shooting schedule of this thriller. Reason being that debutant director Mahesh Nair wanted her to loose all her toning and fitness for the role and preferred her to look as normal as any other young woman next door.

“You should have seen the kind of food that I guzzled during the entire time period that I was working on ACCIDENT….”, remembers Celina, “Mahesh didn’t want me to look muscular and I had to look normal, though not really fat. Guess what, I didn’t work out at all through the film’s shoot. Instead, I was feasting on biryani. It was great fun because for a change, I could indulge the way I wished.”

Celina is also happy that the film has come at just the right time when she had been seen in glam roles for years and it was time for people to notice her for her acting skills.

“This is the reason why the film is special because it doesn’t showcase me in the way I have traditionally been over these years”, she says, “There is something about this entire glam image because somehow people tend to ignore everything other than looks and your body. However, ACCIDENT… brings to fore the performer in me. Those who have already had a dekko of the film have been quite encouraging so far. I am now really waiting to audiences reactions because ACCIDENT… is really crucial for me to show a different side of my persona.”

Starring Farooque Sheikh and Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh in principal roles, ACCIDENT ON HILL ROAD is a Nari Hira production and releases on 31st December.

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